We now have hunt result reports from San Jacinto Wildlife Area, updated usually twice a week, most of the time within 24 hours of the hunt day, but as soon as possible after the San Jacinto Staff can get the results to us.  In addition we have hunt results for the Wister Unit of the Imperial Wildlife Area and the results from the Kern National Wildlife Area, both published ASAP, depending on when the Wister and Kern Staffs can get the results to us.  We also have gear reviews, hunting reports by the SoCalHunt staff and hunting tips posted.  Please visit our blog as often as you’d like, along with visiting this web site.  During hunting season, of course, hunting comes first so we may occasionally be a little slow getting things updated but we will always attempt to get the hunt results up ASAP.

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Please check it out at the below link:

Information Regarding Check Station

Operations for the 2022/2023 Waterfowl Season

You MUST have all licenses, stamps and passes

in your possession when you arrive

at the check station to pick your spot.  This policy went into effect at the beginning of the 2011 season and remains in effect as of this posting.  This includes the one-day and two-day passes.  The check stations WILL NOT be handling any money and WILL NOT be selling any passes, including the one-day and two-day passes.  For further details check SoCalHunt's blog report on the changes, which went into effect strating opening day of the 2011/2012 season, at the below link:

The current procedures for the Sweat Line Drawing at San Jacinto went into effect at the start of the 2014/2015 season.  Check SoCalHunt's blog report regarding the details on these procedures at the below link:

Upcoming Events / Bird Counts

Due to the ease of updating any upcoming events, the bird counts, hunting reports, announcements, hunting tips etc. will be posted on the SoCalHunt blog at the link below.  Be sure to check it often to see what's up at SoCalHunt and San Jacinto Wildlife Area:

Dedicated to the proposition that a bad day

hunting is better then a good day at work...

SoCalHunt Now Will Have Bird Counts for San Jacinto Wildlife Area, the Wister Unit of the Imperial Wildlife Area, and the Kern National Wildlife Refuge!!

We will also have downloadable maps of San Jacinto, Wister, and Kern!  (See our Maps and Downloads page)

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SoCalHunt now has a link for the statewide duck hunting results from the DFW website.  Click here to view the DFW statewide Wildlife Area hunt results